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and I am one of the Bangalore Escorts who belong NO where in this society. It took me years to realize how living the life of an escort made it harder to participate in “normal” life that a normal woman lives. The world pushes us away and the outside people are disgusted by us and often refer to us as someone who should not be met or some kind of untouchables. We escorts already suffer so much that we had to choose this field and moreover, when we want to change the field people don’t let us welcome in their so called good society.
But in real they love us and they love our bodies. I am a Independent Bangalore Escorts who lives seemingly normal lifestyle which consists of attending family members, relatives and working in the business part time but it’s not what it seems in reality. It is much more different and difficult to live with this lifestyle and it is an utterly bitter truth to be among the group of escort services in Bangalore.
This is my diary that tells my journey being a high class prostitute. I never wanted to be an Bangalore Escorts but the only thing that made me do this was “MONEY”, the only reason. Even I have a wonderful family which consists of my parents and my younger sister, who means world to me and for their happiness this sacrifice stands NO where, it was mere coincidence that my fate unfolded as it did. After my family’s bad financial conditions I was the only hope left to improve our condition and to fulfill only the basic needs, unknowingly the fact and the forbidden reality, I became an escort because there is a lot of money to be made in a short amount of time, but the reality is seemingly different. It is not glamorous, we, call girls in Bangalore have to sell  and we often feel like we have sold our souls at times, but the money I was getting out of this helped me to fix all my family financial problems so I sacrificed my self-respect and I continued to be in this sector.
I see all sorts of men of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. Isn’t it ironic: why do men pay for sex? However other side of business may wonder: what’s it like to be an Female Escort in Bangalore All men seemed same to me, dirty, disgusting, pigs. I cannot help the way I feel, “sleeping with every other men I don’t love” but eventually I found a guy who used to visit my place more frequently and used to tell me how beautiful I am apart from lust. I saw love and care in his eyes and felt comfortable with him and I started feeling love for him and wished his love will ‘protect’ me. But I forgot that an escort is not meant to be loved, in this society .The guy I loved turned to be an officer who was running a sting operation and yes I got caught as per the regulations.
Bangalore has been an incredible city of India and has always been known as pink city. This pink city has witnessed number of rulers and everyone has tried to contribute in their own way. One of the things which have been common among all this time has been the services of escorts. Starting from brothels for soldiers, kings etc., to escort agencies and independent escorts, this city has been a witness of growth of this industry and owing to this progress, people love to enjoy VIP Escort Service in Bangalore


Sapna Chaudhary



December 07, 2017 — 9:00 am to
February 12, 2021 — 6:00 pm

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mg road
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